TrAchem Metalworking Fluids

Product Development

TrAchem in conjunction with our trading partners are constantly developing and refining products to meet the ever changing requirements brought on by the demands of the modern engineering environment. These demands often include the need to increase production speed, to reduce maintenance costs, to reduce waste disposal and to maintain a cleaner working environment.


Comprehensive Product Range

TrAchem provides the convenience by being your single source supplier for metalworking fluids including:

  • Neat cutting oils
  • Water-soluble cutting oils
  • Quenching oils
  • Corrosion preventatives
  • Cleaning fluids

Our strength lies in our ability to react to our customers needs. Whether this is in the form of technical support and advice, or in fast product delivery. TrAchem have both the expertise and the flexibility to help.


The TrAchem Offer

TrAchem aim to offer its customers a full solution to its metalworking problems. Our expertise allows us to offer high performance products tailored to the local water and local needs.

In conjunction with high performance products TrAchem offers technical support from its highly experienced personnel and contacts.This support can take the form of problem solving (utilising full laboratory backup where required), cost optimisation, waste minimisation and hardware sourcing.

TrAchem metalworking fluids and technical ability form the basis of the TrAchem Fluid Management (TFM) programme. TrAchem Fluid Management offers our customers the condition monitoring of metalworking machines and the training of machine operators. The monitoring of fluids is essential when optimising both fluid life and maintaining a safe working environment. Long fluid life helps our customers to reduce their usage of product (reducing costs) and minimises the amount of fluid for disposal (reducing costs and reducing environmental impact).

“TrAchem, a multi brand lubricant procurement specialist”