Responsible Care

A detailed description of the correct duty of care for metalworking fluids can be found here:


Equipment required

Metalworking fluid users can reduce the risk of skin and respiratory problems by regular monitoring of the fluids in use. To carry this out certain pieces of equipment are required.

Refractometer - This instrument when used in conjunction with instructions on your coolant spec sheet will indicate the concentration of the coolant.

PH Strips - PH Strips can be used to indicate the general condition of the fluid, a low PH value indicates increasing acidity, which occurs due to decaying bacteria.

Dip Slides - Dip slides are plastic carriers coated with a sterile culture medium which is dipped into the coolant and then incubated to allow controlled microbial growth. The results after incubation will give an indication of the bacterial condition of the fluid and should be used in conjunction with HSE guidelines.

Incubator - The incubator is used to heat up the dip slides to a controlled temperature to give consistent readings of the bacterial count.


Example of report detailing monitoring

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