The TrAsol brand

The TrAchem own brand range of metalworking fluids have been specifically formulated to meet local requirements. The range incorporates conventional (milky) emulsions, semi synthetic emulsions and fully synthetic solutions:


The TrAsol Range

Trasol Conventional (Milky) emulsions offer a cost effective route to cutting many metals. Trasol Conventional emulsions offer high levels of lubricity and excellent corrosion protection at an affordable price.

Trasol Semi Synthetic emulsions offer highly stable products developed to optimise fluid life and thereby reduce product usage and waste. The product range offers lower oil products for easier to machine materials, multipurpose emulsions and high cutting performance emulsions for difficult applications.

Tragrind Synthetic solutions primarily used for fine grinding of hard materials. The Tragrind products are developed to be clear in use allowing excellent visibility of the work piece.



Tragrind solutions are also clean in use and allow excellent settlement of metallic fines. For further information on the Trasol and Tragrind product range, please contact TrAchem or ask your local representative.


TrAchem Fluid Management (TFM)

High quality Trasol and Tragrind Fluids developed to meet local requirements.

Fast and professional Technical Support including laboratory testing and problem solving.

  • Condition Monitoring of fluids to meet the requirements of the HSE.
  • On site training of fluid users to optimise usage.
  • Minimisation of waste disposal and environmental impact.
  • Help and advice with hardware sourcing.

The above is combined with our fast and efficient product delivery service offered throughout the Yorkshire and East Midlands.

“TrAchem, a multi brand lubricant procurement specialist”