Alpine F1 team celebrates 100 races with Castrol

Renault’s Formula 1 team, which is now branded Alpine, has celebrated 100 races in partnership with Castrol at the Jeddah Grand Prix.

Since Renault re-entered the sport in 2017, Castrol and parent company BP have been supplying the fuel, oil and other lubricants to the team.

To mark the hundredth anniversary of this partnership, the team’s vehicle was decorated appropriately for the event in Jeddah. The message “Renault recommends Castrol” was displayed on the rear wing, while the engine cover was given a decal to indicate the number of races together.

Laurent Rossi, Alpine CEO, said that Castrol and BP had been important, trustworthy partners for those 100 races, adding:

“We are proud of our partnership, which has contributed important steps in technology and performance that have greatly influenced our journey as a team. Together we achieved our first podiums and win and we look forward to a bright future that encompasses innovation, vision and further success.”

Rossi also said the team was proud that current and future road car users can benefit from the innovations developed for the race track. Indeed, many of the lessons learnt on the racetrack, where engines are subjected to extreme conditions, can help develop advanced products like the Castrol EDGE engine oils.

If you would like to see if you can benefit from switching your fleet to a different engine oil, or indeed the lubricants for any application, our team can help guide you through the various options from different suppliers and even potentially save you money by consolidating products.

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