BP recruiting 100 employees for offshore wind division

UK-based energy major BP will soon begin recruiting around 100 new employees for its offshore wind power division as it seeks to consolidate its presence in this rapidly expanding sector.

Speaking to Reuters, the head of offshore wind at BP, Matthias Bausenwein, said the recruitment was just the first part of the company’s two-year plan to add another 400 employees to the division, effectively doubling its workforce. Bausenwein said about this:

“That means bringing a lot of our talent within BP but we will also have to find people from the outside.”

BP plans to increase its installed capacity for renewable energy from 2.2 GW to 10 GW by the end of this decade. The company traditionally prefers to internally develop its talent, but with the company expanding its wind operations so rapidly, the hires will help it build a solid foundation of engineering knowhow to support the company’s European offshore wind projects.

Bausenwein was himself an outside hire, having left Denmark’s Orsted, a strong player in the wind sector, last year to join BP. Anja-Isabel Dotzenrath, his boss, also left a green-oriented company, RWE Renewables, to become BP’s head for renewables and natural gas.

In addition to operating its own wind power projects, BP also supports the wider sector by providing lubricants. For example, it claims its Castrol Optigear Synthetic CT can protect against wear for up to eight years thanks to its advanced “ash-less” technology. Contact our expert team here at TrAchem to learn more.

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