BT announces low-carbon support for manufacturing

Telecommunications company BT has revealed that the next stage of its Green Tech Innovation Platform will centre on finding ways to improve the sustainability of the manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).

The FMCG manufacturing sub-sector – which includes low-cost, quick-selling goods like packaged food and beverages, over-the-counter drugs and toiletries – is the biggest in the UK. BT’s initiative will seek to work with companies to scale up solutions for more efficient resource and energy usage or to drive participation in the circular economy in a way that will optimise resource usage throughout the value chain.

According to, Joseph Darlington of the Manufacturing Technology Centre, which will be working with BT to run the initiative, pointed out manufacturing’s role in reducing carbon emissions, adding that partnering with BT for the initiative presented a great opportunity:

“For the Centre to contribute to the development of digital green technology and the technology supply chain we believe will be transformational to the manufacturing sector. We invite the FMCG industry to engage with us and become part of this mission of delivering smarter factories and positive impact on the environment.”

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