Chevron launches new post-purchase vendor programme

US-based oil major Chevron has announced a new Keep Clean Preferred Vendor programme to allow its customers to get the best results from their lubricant purchases.

Buying lubricants is of course just one step in the lubrication-management process. Once delivered, lubricants need to be stored and handled appropriately to avoid contamination, and fluids should be periodically monitored to ensure drain and refills are neither premature nor late. Chevron’s new programme seeks to inform businesses of all sizes about reputable vendors that can help keep their equipment running reliably and efficiently.

Rebecca Zwetzig, the manager of Chevron’s ISOCLEAN programme, said that Chevron was a leader in clean lubricant, and the new vendor was developed:

“…as part of our commitment to the success of our customers’ reliability maintenance programs from start to finish. With the help of vendors who are also dedicated to customer excellence, we have developed a comprehensive solution to help organizations reach their increasingly stringent performance and uptime goals.”

Chevron markets its lubricants in the UK under the Texaco brand, such as the extreme pressure Texaco Meropa gear oil. To become a recommended vendor under the programme, vendors need to meet the strict standards set by the company for high-quality suppliers.

Lubricants are the lifeblood of vehicles and other machines, so keeping them clean is critical for their reliable and safe operation. At TrAchem, we can help you select lubricant makers with dedicated lubricant analysis, as well as supply your business with ancillary equipment to help you safely store and handle lubricants.

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