Eurocell may build new gigafactory in UK

Anglo-Korean firm Eurocell is considering three potential sites, including within the UK, to establish its first European gigafactory.

With all new vehicle production set to transition to cleaner alternatives by the end of this decade, sufficient local battery production is believed to be essential for the UK automotive industry. If Eurocell decides to choose a UK site, it will likely create hundreds of direct and indirect jobs.

In a statement, Eurocell’s CEO, Recardo Bruins, said that the new company comprised an experienced team in the UK that was backed up by a partner in South Korea with extensive experience in producing batteries at scale, adding:

“Now we are planning to rapidly expand in Europe, supplying the energy storage and automotive industries with our market-leading technologies that last longer, perform better and are 100 per cent safe. These products can be on the market in months, not years.”

The company plans to take a two-phase approach to get production started by early next year. A bespoke factory will be built for the second phase, with the aim being able to produce more than 40 million cells annually by 2025. According to Eurocell, its batteries benefit from a wider operating temperature, making them suitable for use even in harsh climates, and have a lifetime that is 10 times longer compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries.

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