ExxonMobil and BioAccelergy to collaborate

ExxonMobil’s research and development arm has signed an agreement with BioAccelergy Ventures to jointly develop a new process for bio-base stocks that would enable lubricant products to be made from vegetable and seed oil.

This endeavour will aim to establish feasible methods for producing bio-base stocks on a commercial scale in a cost-effective manner, with the objective of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with lubricant production. ExxonMobil will contribute its considerable experience with developing and manufacturing base stocks, while BioAccelergy will bring its proficiency in advanced catalytic process development, bio-based feed supply and genetic research.

In a statement, ExxonMobil’s Vice President for Lubricants Technology, Mike Kerby, said about the agreement:

“ExxonMobil continues to develop and supply innovative products to support our customers’ sustainability goals. Together with BioAccelergy, we are working to determine the commercial viability of producing bio-base stocks to help lubricant manufacturers meet today’s increasing demands to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also maximizing fuel efficiency and equipment durability.”

Speaking for BioAccelergy, CEO Rocco Fiato said the company had already been working with ExxonMobil for a number of years to create a vertically-integrated platform for producing high-quality base stocks from renewable feedstocks, which could in turn be used to make a wide range of fluids that are high performance for both industrial and automotive applications.

This technology may ultimately be used in future lubricants like the Mobil Velocite spindle oils, but for now, our specialist team at TrAchem can help you identify sustainable lubricant choices that are available today from a range of different lubricant makers. Contact us to learn more.

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