Ford’s European vans to be emission-free by 2035

Automotive firm Ford has declared that it will transition its European van production to emission-free models and make its European business carbon neutral by 2035.

The company had previously pledged that two-thirds of its commercial vehicles, as well as all passenger vehicles, in the UK and continental Europe would be electric only by 2030.

In a statement, Stuart Rowley, the Chairman of Ford of Europe, said the carmaker was building on its strengths to safeguard the planet while running a profitable, successful business. He added:

“Today is about stepping into our future and creating a new Ford in Europe. We’re delivering for customers in Europe, with the focus and speed of a start-up at the leading edge of technology, supported by the deep expertise in engineering and high-volume production.”

The company also announced increased investment in Germany and a new factory in Turkey to make batteries, but the move to focus entirely on electric vans raised some doubts about Ford’s Dagenham plant, which makes diesel engines for Ford’s Transit range. Rowley, when asked about the firm’s UK intentions, pointed to how Ford had been an important player in the country’s automotive sector for over a century, and indicated that this will continue. He also said the demand for diesel engines would continue in the medium term.

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