Government launches call for evidence for advanced materials

With advanced materials being seen as critical for the success of many industries, the UK government has called for evidence to help it collect insights about this revolutionary field.

By advanced materials, the government is referring to materials that have been manipulated artificially, frequently atomically, to provide a significant advantage over traditional materials, such as to have vastly superior thermal, strength or electrical properties.

Some example materials include composite structures that can be used as coating materials to reduce corrosion, so-called two-dimensional materials made from a single layer of atoms to enhance battery performance, and even “self-healing” materials that can change shape or correct damage, such as for a road that can mend its own potholes.

In a statement, Lee Rowley, the Industry Minister, said:

“Advanced materials can survive the harshest conditions, enable enhanced durability and manufacturing opportunities, and even ‘heal’ themselves. That is why we have launched a call for evidence—to gather insight and inform our approach to these extraordinary materials that could have a transformative impact on our daily lives and economic opportunities.”

Advanced materials may bring great benefits for protecting equipment components from corrosion and wear, thus helping manufacturers to reduce both scheduled and unscheduled downtime, but for now, the best way to safeguard equipment is through an effective lubrication regime.

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Industrial Lubricants

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