Manufacturers give mixed response to new energy strategy

The UK Government’s recently published energy strategy, which aims to ensure energy security in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has received mixed responses from senior figures in the manufacturing sector.

The new plan aims to accelerate the increase in renewable energy production through wind, hydrogen and solar production, as well as building new nuclear power stations. The plan could see all but 5% of the country’s electricity coming from low-carbon sources by the end of this decade.

The CEO of manufacturing organisation Make UK, Stephen Phipson, hailed the plan as being ambitious and bold, but pointed out that the projects would take time to be realised. He said more immediate action was needed to help industry cope with energy costs in the short term.

The COO of npower Business Solutions, Anthony Ainsworth, also welcomed the intention to move towards energy independence through low-carbon generation but felt that opportunities had been missed, such as incentivising manufacturers to build their own renewable on-site generation and improve efficiency:

“For example, helping businesses reduce energy consumption through more innovative efficiency solutions is a real ‘no regrets’ action that could be taken. These can be implemented quickly and would result in immediate savings both in terms of their bottom line and decarbonisation efforts.”

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