Mobil introduces Mobil Solvancer

ExxonMobil has announced the release of Mobil Solvancer, an oil-soluble and cost-effective cleaner to improve the reliability of petrochemical and power generation equipment. It was developed in cooperation with Fluitec, a leading player in technology for oil enhancement.

Added to in-service lubricants and hydraulic oils based on API group I to IV base stocks in order to dissolve organic deposits and varnish in a system, Mobil Solvancer helps prevent reliability issues from arising. It has no adverse impact on the performance of the in-service oil or any additional additives. What’s more, it is gentle on equipment, with excellent seal compatibility and no harmful effects on the coatings and paints used in many relevant systems.

Mobil’s Brand Manager for Industrial Lubricants, Sarah Parsons, said that for operators of petrochemical and power generation equipment to maximise their bottom lines, it was crucial to optimise reliability and productivity, adding:

“That’s why we partnered with Fluitec, the industry’s leading oil enhancement technology company, to develop Mobil Solvancer, a cost-effective cleaner that can help operators dissolve varnish and deposits that can cause long-term harm to systems while keeping their equipment running longer between overhauls. That means less downtime—both planned and unplanned.”

The new product joins Mobil’s extensive range of leading products, such as Mobil SHC 918 EE, which was the first turbine oil to meet GE’s rigorous GEK 121603 specification for energy efficiency.

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