Porsche and Mobil extend 25-year partnership

Mobil and Porsche have celebrated 25 years of collaboration by agreeing to extend the arrangement to 2026.

More than 1.5 million engines have been filled with Mobil 1 at the Porsche factory, and the new agreement means that the automotive company will continue to use Mobil 1 engine oils to fill its vehicles and recommend it for service fills. Mobil will also supply its Mobil EV range of fluids, which have been formulated to meet the specific demands of electric vehicles, and support Porsche’s Formula E team with its products.

A Porsche board member for research and development, Dr. Michael Steiner, said in a statement that the companies had worked together closely for 25 years developing the engines for cars, which are among the most advanced and desirable the world has seen, adding:

“As Porsche competes and demonstrates the capabilities of its electric vehicle technology, ExxonMobil continues to engineer a full suite of Mobil-branded lubricants to help the Porsche Formula E team build on its racing legacy. A legacy that’s steeped in a rich tradition of ExxonMobil products, and further exemplified with Mobil EV.”

Steiner added that the landmark event also brought with it new opportunities for the company to extend its portfolio of brands.

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