Proton launches new automotive oils

Malaysian automotive company Proton has launched a new range of oils formulated specially for its vehicles, and it has branded it as Proton Genuine Oil (PGO).

The new oils have been developed by Petronas, Malaysia’s state-owned oil, gas and lubricant company, to replace the Shell-based oils the company previously used. The new range goes from PGO 1 (5W30, fully synthetic) to PGO 4 (15W40, mineral) to suit the needs of different engines, although the X70 SUV model will continue to use the existing Shell 5W40 oil for now.

Proton cars were formerly sold in the UK, with the company being ranked one of the most reliable and recommended car brands by a United Kingdom Consumers’ Association survey in 1999. The launch of new models was postponed in 2013, however, citing stricter EU safety and emissions regulations. It is unclear if the company will return to the UK market with its all-new, more efficient petrol engines.

In a statement, Roslan Abdullah, Proton Edar’s CEO, said about the launch:

“The launch of PGO lubricants is another step in Proton’s journey to being a premium Malaysian automotive brand. We worked closely with our partners on the formulation to ensure it met our exacting requirements and offered our customers the engine protection their Proton models deserve at an affordable price.”

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