Shell and Deloitte release guide for fleet decarbonisation

Professional services firm Deloitte has joined with energy major Shell to launch a new report aimed at helping fleet operators to understand the initial steps in embarking on a strategy of fleet decarbonisation.

The two companies have undertaken research that revealed that 68% of fleet owners are anticipating increasing pressure from customers, regulators and employees to decarbonise their fleets, yet many see it as a daunting task. Just under half of them reported either uncertainty about current targets or a complete lack of decarbonisation targets. A similar number of respondents also cited operational limitations as a barrier to rolling out a decarbonisation strategy. The new report therefore provides frameworks that businesses can use as a basis for developing a decarbonisation strategy.

A senior vice president for Shell’s e-mobility and fleet solutions business, Giorgio Delpiano, said about the new guide:

“We designed this report with Deloitte to better understand the key barriers our customers are facing, and to provide fleet owners with a set of tools and frameworks that aim to support decision making as they navigate both the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

He added that Shell was committed to helping its customers meet their decarbonisation goals while also achieving sustainable growth. The report can be viewed on Shell’s website.

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