The benefits of lubricant consolidation

When running various forms of machinery from different manufacturers, some businesses often find themselves needing to stock various lubricants from multiple brands, but what if they could cut down this range significantly? Here are some of the benefits of doing so.

Reduces stale inventory

First, stocking a narrower range of lubricants, such as Mobil DTE hydraulic oil, will reduce the chance of any inventory going stale, as it is being used and resupplied more frequently.

Helps employees

Second, it helps your employees by reducing the number of products they need to be familiar with, as well as lowering the chances of them accidentally cross-contaminating oils in top-up containers and transfer systems.

Eliminates hard-to-source products

Third, it can help to eliminate any products that may be hard to acquire, or even discontinued, by replacing them with products that are more easily procured.

More purchasing power

Fourth, if you’re currently using multiple suppliers, consolidation may enable you to switch to a single supplier, giving you more purchasing power.

Ensures optimal lubricants are used

Finally, it helps to identify any situations where a sub-optimal lubricant is being used.

Consolidation has its dangers, too, so help from qualified lubricant advisors is essential. For example, a replacement lubricant may be incompatible with the existing one, so a drain and flush would be required before using it. In addition, a replacement lubricant may be off-spec or incompatible with a piece of machinery.

If you want to start 2022 by saving money and making life easier for your employees, please get in touch with our specialist team members at TrAchem, who can provide you advice and guidance about consolidating your lubricant supply.

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