TotalEnergies partners with Veolia for biomethane production

Energy company TotalEnergies is to work with Veolia, a fellow French company specialising in energy and waste management, to establish terawatt-scale production of biomethane by 2025.

With a target production of 1.5 terawatt hours, this would be enough to meet the natural gas needs of half a million people per year, potentially cutting net emissions by 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Biomethane is chemically identical to natural gas, so it can be used for the same applications as natural gas.

While natural gas is recovered from reserves deep underground, biomethane is produced when organic matter, such as sewage and other organic waste, is anaerobically digested by microbes, so it is classed as a green fuel. Indeed, if the biomethane were not collected, it and associated gases like nitrous dioxide would themselves contribute to climate change.

TotalEnergies’ President for Gas, Renewables & Power, Stéphane Michel, said the company was happy to be partnering with Veolia:

“To promote the recovery of waste through the production of biomethane, and thereby the circular economy, one of the pillars of sustainable development. The development of biomethane is part of TotalEnergies’ transformation into a broad energy company, and the deployment of its ambition to be a major player in renewables.”

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