Toyota reaffirms UK automotive sector commitment

Despite a report in the press suggesting that Toyota may end its vehicle production in the UK, the firm has reasserted its commitment to manufacturing within the UK.

The UK government currently plans to phase out the production of petrol and diesel cars by 2030, although some hybrid vehicles will continue to be available for a further five years. A report from the Sunday Times conveyed that the company had told Transport Secretary Grant Shapps that this rapid transition could lead to the company ceasing production in the UK.

Bloomberg reports, however, that the firm has said in an emailed statement that it is dedicated to delivering a sustainable long-term future for Europe, and this includes those plants in the UK. Toyota said in the statement:

“We continue to see a role for many different technologies in the transition to zero emission based on the principle of mobility for all—including the current hybrid vehicles built in the UK.”

The company did not comment on the relevant rules that the Department for Transport is putting together, saying that it has yet to see a draft of them. The Times reports that manufacturers will be set targets for zero-emission vehicle sales from 2024.

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