Toyota to start remanufacturing some of its UK cars

In an effort to extend the life of its vehicles, Toyota has said it will start remanufacturing some of its fleet-oriented vehicles at its manufacturing facility in the UK, with this potentially happening up to three times.

Toyota GB’s Managing Director and President, Agustín Martín, spoke to Autocar about the new process for vehicles under the Kinto sub-brand, which is oriented towards leased fleets. He said the objective was to extend the relationship between vehicles and the customers.

Lease cycles of two or three years are very popular here in the UK, which presents challenges for what happens to vehicles in the second and third cycles. Toyota wants to extend the typical life of leased vehicles to around 10 years, so it plans to take back vehicles on conclusion of their lease and then have them refurbished to the highest possible standard for the subsequent customer.

After three cycles, the vehicles will then be recycled. Martín said about this:

“How do we reuse different parts that are essential and maybe can be used for other services? How do we then rebuild the batteries, reuse them and recycle them? How do we use part of the material for the brand-new vehicle that’s going to be used in the factory?”

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