UK needs steel for energy independence says Tata Steel

New research commissioned by Tata Steel UK has indicated that over the coming years, upwards of 10 million tonnes of steel will be needed to build the projects necessary for the UK to become self-sufficient in energy production.

The researched looked at the important role the UK steel sector could play in avoiding the need to import foreign steel in order to decarbonise the country’s energy supply. With the UK Government currently planning to achieve 50 GW in offshore wind capacity by 2030, the research estimates this will require 5.3 million tonnes of steel to build the turbines. New solar, nuclear and hydrogen projects will also need substantial volumes of steel at 1.5 million, 2 million, and 1.5 million tonnes, respectively.

Tata Steel UK’s chairman Henrik Adam has said about the steel industry’s involvement in the upcoming energy revolution:

“UK steelmakers, like Tata Steel, want to be part of this revolution, such as by developing new steel products for solar farms or for floating offshore wind structures. A strong domestic and secure steel industry is also fundamental to delivering the UK Government’s ambitious energy plans.”

He also said recent events had reinforced the need for self-sufficiency in critical materials like steel to support manufacturing, national security, and infrastructure projects.

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