UK wind power manufacturing sees record investment

With the UK leading the world in offshore wind power generation, manufacturers supplying the sector are seeing record levels of investment. Some £900m of funding for new factories has been announced so far this year – the most since the industry arose around the turn of the century.

Dan McGrail, the CEO of RenewableUK, said the record investment in British manufacturing for offshore wind indicated that this decade will be one in which the sector is really going to deliver, adding:

“The offshore wind industry is making good on its commitments to create tens of thousands of jobs and attract billions in investment in state-of-the-art factories around the country. 26,000 people already work in this sector and that’s set to increase to 69,000 over the next five years.”

Among the announced investments, GE intends to convert a steelworks in Teesside into a factory for making turbine blades. JDR Cables recently announced that a new factory will be established in Cambois, Northumberland, in addition to its existing Hartlepool facility, while SeAH Wind announced a £260 million investment in a factory for monopole foundations.

The offshore wind industry has come into its own in recent years thanks to advances in various aspects, making it increasingly cost-competitive. Like any mechanical application, lubrication is also very important. At TrAchem, we pride ourselves in sourcing the right product at a great price, so contact us to explore lubrication options, such as the Total Carter oil for wind turbines and other gears or Shell Gadus greases to reduce wear in other components.

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