Anderol is an internationally renowned marketeer and producer of speciality synthetic lubrication solutions. Since 1941, Anderol Specialty Lubricants has remained at the forefront of its sector, creating innovative world-class products within its chosen field of synthetic lubricants, finding solutions for an impressive range of both food-grade and industrial applications.

From its early years to the present, Anderol has established a reputation globally as a manufacturer of high-performing lubrication options within a wide range of industrial markets. Products earning acclaim with proven dependability include those for vacuum pumps and air compressors, which are additionally suitable for comprehensive H1 plant lubrication for industries serving markets worldwide, like the animal feed, food and pharmaceutical markets.

Anderol lubrication has been certified to both ISO 21469 and ISO 9001:2015, and it has been officially awarded with halal and kosher registrations at its dedicated food lubricant plant.

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Anderol Lubricant