For more than eight decades, M&I Materials Limited has been manufacturing its dedicated range of Apiezon products. The range includes vacuum sealants, high vacuum greases and dedicated lubricants that are internationally renowned for their consistency, quality and exceptional performance when operating in vacuum applications.

Apiezon’s hydrocarbon-based high vacuum greases are produced silicone free, and they are incredibly resistant to creep. These advanced vacuum greases are suited for usage in an extensive range of applications and temperatures, and they have a proven track record across the world, being used by the UK’s military, NASA and leaders in vacuum equipment manufacturing.

Chemically inert, Apiezon PFPE 501 is an extreme pressure and high-temperature lubricant. Both versatile and robust, it is ideal for operations that require lubricating and sealing under the most extreme conditions. It is also exceptional as a lubricant and sealant in numerous industries, including coating, short path distillation and manufacturing semiconductors.

As a multi-brand procurement specialist, at TrAchem, we supply a longer list of brands than any other firm operating in the global lubrication industry. It is our privilege to work with the world’s leading lubricant manufacturers, allowing us to continue to deliver the highest quality solutions possible to the customers we serve.

If your company requires a specific lubricant to suit an onsite application, our technical team here at TrAchem can advise and find a solution to suit your needs. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements by phone, or to receive a quote for the product you’re looking for.

Apiezon Lubricant