BP is a London-headquartered British multinational oil and gas company, and it is one of the world’s gas and oil supermajors. A vertically integrated, global company, BP operates in every area of the gas and oil industry. This includes both production and exploration, refining, distribution, power generation, trading and marketing. It also has interests in renewable energy sources, like wind power, biofuels, solar and smart grid technology.

While BP is still a stand-alone brand, since it merged with Castrol, all of the specialist high-quality lubricants it supplies, such as the Aircol lubricant range, now boast the Castrol branding. These lubrication products cover an extensive range of applications, which include, but are not limited to, greases, fluids and oils for cars, motorcycles and freight vehicles, elevators and escalators, refrigerators, mining and quarrying equipment, aircraft and cruise liners, and agricultural and energy farms.

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BP Lubricant