Now linked to BP since its merger, the Castrol brand provides high-performing fluids, oils and lubricants around the world for not just drivers and riders, but every industry in operation today.

Using expert chemists, industry specialists and cutting-edge labs, Castrol uses “liquid engineering” to create high-quality oils, greases, lubricants and fluids for an impressive range of applications and sectors.

From wind farms to wheat fields, Castrol supplies lubricants for both the renewable energy and agricultural industries, while creating solutions for extreme operating conditions like those found in quarries and mines across the globe, such as the Viscogen K range.

Transport wise, the brand has designed options for multi-passenger craft like airliners and cruise ships, but also HGVs, cars and motorcycles, and it offers fluids that keep a wide range of equipment running smoothly, from elevators and escalators to refrigeration units.

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Castrol Lubricant