Chemetall is part of the Coatings division of BASF, and supplies world leading applied surface products. Its formulas are designed to prepare surfaces for the application of paint, resist corrosion, assist in forming and ensure superb coating adhesion.

Chemetall’s lubricants can be used across various industries such as aerospace and automation, plus metal forming and aluminium finishing. In fact, Chemetall specialises in treating metal surfaces, and its products designed for this purpose include Ardrox, Oxsilan, Naftoseal and Gardobond. These lubricants have contributed significantly to metal preparation and processing.

The ethos at Chemetall is to provide great products and a high level of service, which is achieved by working in partnership with both stockists and consumers. Supplying tailored solutions is possible thanks to the company’s vast experience in the field.

Chemetall was first formed during the 1800s by the German Metal Company. BASF’s Coatings division took control of Chemetall in 2016. This unit’s headquarters are in Frankfurt, with 21 production sites across the globe as well as 40 subsidiaries. They also operate service teams, research laboratories, sales offices and warehouses.

The company is dedicated to improving sustainability and responsibility. Adhering to health and safety standards has high priority, and an ethos of continuous improvement exists. Chemetall is well aware of their responsibility to the planet and to society, and these concerns are just as important to the company as profit.

Here at TrAchem, we have no hesitation in recommending Chemetall products for all your surface treatment needs – metals in particular. If we can help in any way or provide a free quotation, please do get in touch.

Chemetall Lubricant