Dosatron specialises in water-powered proportional dosing, and it is a world leader in this field. Following the birth of the concept in 1974, the company formed by two French brothers was awarded the Grand Prize for Innovation by the French National Institute of Industrial Property.

As an equipment supplier for dosing units, Dosatron has developed various water-powered dosing pumps that have been tailormade to meet the operational and technical requirements of a range of industries.

Dosatron’s revolutionary water-powered dosing pump offers an impressive performance while remaining eco-friendly. The company is committed to addressing major health and safety and environmental concerns in a controlled and cost effective way. Dosatron’s workforce, logistics and innovative facilities are in place to help the company realise its ambition of being a global pioneer.

Using its experience and expertise, Dosatron provides great service while offering reliable, sustainable, high-performance dosing products to meet the challenges faced by businesses operating in the modern world. To ensure this, it listens to and acts upon consumer feedback so it can mould what it offers to fit customer needs perfectly.

To ensure the health of employees, Dosatron has installed ergonomically designed workstations and equipment. Its products are rigorously tested, and production is constantly monitored to ensure quality. It is also committed to supplying solutions that have a limited impact on the environment.

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Dosatron Lubricant