DOW is an ambitious company that has a wish is to become the most customer-focused, innovative, sustainable and inclusive company in the world. It aims to do this by offering products that represent incredible value and offer superlative performance.

The company strives to delight customers by providing excellent service and effective communication. In terms of innovation, products that can transform operations is its aim, while respecting both society and the planet we inhabit. It is also dedicated to being an inclusive employer, both reflecting and respecting the world we live in.

Despite being established since the 19th century, DOW is constantly evolving and improving. An oil industry pioneer, H. H. Dow set up The Dow Chemical Company in 1897, initially producing just one product. Dow’s breakthrough came when he separated bromides and brine by using electrical currents. Although he struggled at the start, Dow’s optimism ensured perseverance, and his “do it better” ethos still continues today.

In partnership with Molykote, DOW has invested, integrated and innovated, combining chemistry, material science and engineering to make a positive impact upon the world. As such, its products can improve food safety and help with clean water production. After merging with DuPont in 2017, the company went through with the planned separation in 2019 and began trading simply as DOW.

Here at TrAchem, we can procure DOW’s selection of silicone-based fluids and greases, such as those in its Xiameter range. If we can assist with your choice or provide a no-obligation quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

DOW Lubricant