Edwards’ key field of expertise is in producing effective, reliable vacuum pump oils. They are a world leader in vacuum and abatement, supplying innovative formulations that are applicable in daily life. The company is committed to pushing standards higher and working in partnership with those who use its products.

The company was established over a century ago, and it is now the first choice for customers who work with critical vacuum applications across the globe. As vacuum is utilised in so many industries, from steel production and power generation to high-energy physics and space simulation, Edwards aims to lead from the front wherever there are vacuum requirements.

The number of everyday items that are produced using vacuum technology is vast, and Edwards’ vacuum pump lubricants play a key role in the production of products such as cars, computers, mobile phones, medicines, chemicals and even coffee beans. In turn, its formulas make a discernible difference to daily life for many people.

Belonging to the Stockholm-based Atlas Copco Group, the company is committed to sustainability, as well as ensuring that those who use its lubricants enjoy smooth operations. Edwards is driven by a desire to offer great service, as well as developing innovative, top-quality products. Its close relationships with leading manufacturers have fed its expertise and fuelled its determination to provide products that solve problems.

At TrAchem, we’re delighted to recommend Edwards’ range of specialist products, particularly vacuum pump lubricants. Please get in touch today if we can offer any advice or you would like a free, no-obligation quotation.

Edwards Lubricant