Emkarate RL

Emkarate RL is a range of polyol ester (POE) lubricants used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Emkarate RL lubricants are manufactured by CPI Fluid Engineering, which has been developing premium-quality engineered performance fluids since 1971.

Emkarate RL lubricants are suitable for a wide range of refrigeration systems in many industries. They are used in appliances, large industrial systems, air conditioning, vehicles and more. As refrigeration technology has improved, there has been a demand for premium-quality, synthetic lubricants that enhance performance and reliability. Over one billion compressors worldwide use Emkarate RL. It has been the number one choice for refrigerator compressor systems because of its superior performance.

Traditional oil lubricants are not suitable for systems that use hydrogen, fluorine and carbon (HFC) refrigerants. Emkarate RL lubricants are synthetic and specially formulated, with a number of benefits and features. Emkarate RL has outstanding miscibility. It mixes with the refrigerant to form a single, clear phase, lowering the lubricant viscosity so that it returns to the compressor efficiently.

Emkarate RL has excellent thermal and chemical stability. Metals and other materials used in the refrigeration unit don’t affect the lubricant. It is superior to mineral oils, having better viscosity and pouring properties. Both the superior wear protection and reliability of Emkarate RL result in better system performance.

At TrAchem, we supply Emkarate RL lubricants in a range of viscosities and quantities. Emkarate RL is a top choice for customers who want an original equipment manufacturer-approved synthetic lubricant for existing appliances, or for filling new refrigeration units. Contact us today to request a quote.

Emkarate RL Lubricant