The FAG brand was founded in 1883 by Friedrich Fischer, the inventor of the ball grinder. FAG stands for Fischers Aktien-Gesellschaft, and the brand is known for its quality clutches and roller bearings. It is a part of Schaeffer Germany, which has developed ground-breaking products for the automotive aftermarket and industries that use drive technology

Inadequate lubrication causes over 40% of rolling bearing damage. This is why FAG has developed grease that prolongs the operating life of rolling bearings and increases their performance. FAG Arcanol greases have been tested for thousands of hours on test rigs to make sure that they perform well.

There is a wide range of FAG Arcanol greases. Its multipurpose greases have a number of applications, while its heavy-duty greases are for high-demand and load capacity applications. Its high-temperature greases  have been developed withstand extreme heat.

Popular FAG Arcanol greases include Multi2, a multipurpose grease used in small electric motors and household appliances. LOAD150 is suitable for high-load machine tool linear guidance systems, while TEMP110 is for ball and roller bearings in the electric motors of vehicles, which operate at high temperatures.

FAG has developed specialist greases for particular applications. For example, MOTION2 is for the ball and roller bearings that oscillate, including those used in wind turbine stewing rings.

It can be difficult to know which of the wide range of Arcanol greases is best for your particular application. Ask for advice from our team at TrAchem. We are procurement specialists, and we can supply you with the right FAG Arcanol grease to fit your requirements.

FAG Lubricant