Since its formation in 1850, Leybold has been a prominent company in the industrial sector, and it is renowned for its advances and innovations in vacuum technology. A market leader in its specialist industry, Leybold’s products and services are now indispensable to numerous operations and applications in industrialised parts of the world.

The company’s pumps and expertly engineered vacuum systems provide the crucial production conditions for the manufacturing of data carriers, semiconductors, displays, solar cells and coated architectural glass. Its vacuum systems are also used by steel refineries and for the packaging and processing of food, along with the operation of complex equipment like electron microscopes and mass spectrometers.

Leybold is also well known for its own brand of popular high-quality vacuum pump oils, greases and lubricants that are offered under the LEYBONOL brand. These lubrication options offer enhanced sustainability and performance levels in a built-for-purpose range that includes LEYBONOL LVO 1xx – Mineral Oil, LEYBONOL LVO 5xx – Diffusion pump oil and LEYBONOL LVO 8xx – Grease.

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Leybold Lubricant