Millers Oils

A leading independent enterprise based here in the United Kingdom, Millers Oils has been serving its customers and blending high-quality lubricants from its Brighouse base in West Yorkshire since 1887. World renowned for its award-winning, innovative efforts, the oil manufacturer has been able to remain operating flexibly because of its independent status, producing bespoke solutions for its ever-expanding client base. Millers Oils currently serves customers both nationally and across the globe in a far-reaching network.

Millers Oils creates solutions for an impressive number of industries and applications, including off-road and agricultural equipment, industrial processing machinery and the components and parts of various vehicles, from passenger cars and motorcycles to those used in motorsport competitions and in the commercial sector.

From its flagship product known as Pistoneeze to its ultra-low friction NANODRIVE gear oil, the manufacturer continues to produce premium, award-winning lubrication solutions for users around the world. Its diverse range of products also includes transformer oils, hydraulic oils, antifreeze, heat transfer oils and food-safe lubricants, among others.

As a multi-brand specialist in procurement, at TrAchem, we are experienced in procuring an extensive range of products for our clients. In fact, we now supply more brands and services than any other lubrication firm in our field. Based in Yorkshire, like Millers Oils, we are proud to be an official distributor of its industrial range.

If your operation needs a product that isn’t listed, our team at TrAchem will source it to meet your requirements. Contact us today to receive a quote.

Millers Oils Lubricant