A Swiss oil manufacturing and blending company based in Langenthal, Switzerland, Motorex is now the country’s largest lubricant maker, shipping to customers both nationally and internationally. Owned by the Bucher AG Group, Motorex is joined by two other affiliate firms, Bucher AG Langenthal and Motorex-Toptech. All three of the enterprises operate out of a single facility located in Langenthal, but the group also operates another site in the other side of the Swiss city, where its storage holding tanks are kept.

Motorex specialises in offering an extensive range of built-for-purpose lubricants designed for different tasks. Its impressive product selection includes gear oil, motor oil and lubricating oil for numerous engine types, greases and brake fluids, and speciality solutions designed to answer the challenges faced by applications like railways, construction and marine environments.

Offering continuity and quality, Motorex’s services and products are world-renowned for industrial expertise and success in competition racing. Its premium products include Motorex 10W50 4T, Motorex Cross Power 2T and Motorex Power Synthetic 4T.

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Motorex Lubricant