With origins that date back to 1840s, Nye’s lubricants always stay in line with the times. While they originally served sewing machines, bicycles and early automotive equipment, they have since been used with the Ford brand and NASA’s Mars Rover.

Today, Nye offers over 1,000 formulations, and its personnel keep looking forward, always seeking to advance both the utility and science of synthetic lubricants in a wide range of sectors, including aerospace, automotive, renewable energy and medical applications, among many others.

The company’s vision is to continue to be recognised around the world as an expert in lubricants and engineered materials. The products it develops combine product knowledge, innovation and a full understanding of its clients’ requirements. Among its impressive range, leading products include NyeMed, NyeBar, NyoGel, NyeCorr, NyeClean and Pennzane.

Bringing wealth of expertise earned operating within the lubrication industry and well-informed by technical engineers and leading chemists, at TrAchem, we deliver a specialist multi-brand lubricant procurement service. Always building on our reputation and success, we are now able to supply a broader selection of brands to our customers than any other firm in the lubrication industry. We take pride in our ability to provide the right solution at the greatest price possible, always delivered right on time.

Businesses experiencing difficulty obtaining a lubricant can trust our team members at TrAchem to source a suitable solution that meets their original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) needs. Contact us now to discuss your application requirements and to receive a free quotation.

Nye Lubricant