A world-class company, Nynas has a different approach to its peers when it comes to manufacturing oil. Working alongside its customers in close collaboration, it endeavours to use oil’s full potential to create invaluable applications for both society and end users. For this reason, Nynas focuses on not only fulfilling vital roles in processes and products, but in creating longer lasting oils that have sustainable value.

Environmental awareness is core to the way the manufacturer operates, and it is constantly investigating new options of using renewable products and feedstock. With a global reach, Nynas’ network now employs thousands of professionals serving customers all over the world. Its impressive range of specialised lubrication products include Nynas Nytro Lyra X, Nynas Nytro Gemini X, Nynas Nytro Libra and Nynas Nytro 4000 X, among others.

Bringing extensive experience earned working in the lubrication sector and informed by expert chemists and technical engineers, our team at TrAchem can provide specialist lubricant procurement services to businesses struggling to access specific solutions. Building on decades of success, we now have the capability to supply a larger number of leading brands to our customers than any other firm in the lubrication industry. We take a pride in being able to source the right solution at the right price, always delivered right on schedule.

If you are experiencing problems finding a lubricant, you can count on our technical team to track it down. Contact us now to discuss your application requirements and to receive a free quote from us.

Nynas Lubricant