Oilsafe is an equipment supplier for the safe storage and simple dispensing of lubricant products. The Oilsafe system allows companies to replace old containers with the system to keep liquid lubricants and greases clean and free from contamination.

The Chicago-based Oak Hill Brands corporation is responsible for producing and marketing Oilsafe products. This relative newcomer was established in 2019, and it has rapidly made a name for itself by creating innovative products that address genuine consumer requirements.

The Oilsafe containers feature 10 different lid colours to ensure customers find it easy to identify and access the right lubricant for the job. This greatly reduces the risk of using an incompatible lubricant with costly and essential equipment.

In terms of lubricant storage, Oilsafe’s aim is to completely overhaul the storage and dispensation of lubricants – a factor that it feels has previously been overlooked. As such, it produces a variety of accessories to help store these fluids safely, while ensuring they remain clean and free from contamination.

Oilsafe is part of Oak Hill Brands’ ForFluids arm, and its lubricant drums, lids and other accessories have clever features to make life simpler for consumers. These include colour-coded lids that are compatible with any Oilsafe container, measurement markings in both quarts and litres, comfortable carry handles, push button breathers and easy close spouts to ensure that dirt stays out.

Here at TrAchem, we highly recommend the Oilsafe system for the secure, contamination-free storage and dispensing of lubricant products. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if we can answer any questions or assist in another way with your selection.

OilSafe Lubricant