Petro-Canada is a forward-thinking Canadian company that produces a range of lubricant formulas for use across a variety of industries. These include agriculture, construction, food and beverage production, general manufacture, power and gas generation, and supply and mining.

The company also produces various formulations designed for automotive use, including high-quality vehicle transmission fluids and heavy-duty oils for diesel engines. Greases, gear oils and compressor fluids are also made by Petro-Canada.

Petro-Canada’s greases and liquid lubricants are marketed and sold under a range of brand names, including Hydrex, Duron, Sentron and Precision. Many of its automotive formulas are designed for use with specific makes or models of vehicle, such as ATF Type 4, which is made for classic Fords, and ATF+4, which is compatible with Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler cars.

Other Petro-Canada products are made for specific industries include Dexron synthetic gear oils for use in manufacture, Duratac chainsaw lubricants and Duratran formulas, which can cope with extreme temperatures.

Petro-Canada has been involved in lubricant research, development and production since 1975. Its formulas are aimed at improving efficiency while ensuring and maintaining an impressive level of performance. Currently, it supplies more than 80 countries, and as such, its oils and greases help to keep companies moving forward while remaining conscious of the environmental impact.

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Petro-Canada Lubricant