Q8 Oils

Q8 is the registered trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International, a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Q8 refines, develops and markets a range of premium lubricants, as well as oil and other petroleum-based products in Europe.

Q8’s history dates back to 1983, and the company aims to deliver technologically advanced lubricant formulas that help companies to be as profitable as possible while minimising the impact on the environment. Rather than simply meeting consumer expectations, Q8 intends to impress by surpassing them.

With an excess of 1,000 products to its name, Q8 offers a lubricant for all sorts of machinery in a wide range of sizes. The company invests heavily in research and development, and it has its own European laboratories for the testing and perfecting of its oil blends. It also accepts that oil companies have a part to play in respecting and protecting the environment.

Ranked as one of the largest oil companies in the world, Q8 provides lubricant blends that satisfy the needs of various applications – from its Q8 Auto vehicle transmission fluid range to axle greases and brake fluids.

The metalworking, energy, construction and general manufacturing industries often rely on Q8 oils to keep operations moving. Its formulas may be used in agriculture, food production, marine or textile environments, as well as many more.

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Q8 Oils