Rocol manufactures and markets a range of industrial lubricants for use across the world. It is part of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a US-based multinational company. The roots of Rocol, however, lie in the UK, where chemistry graduate Victor Ragosine developed a new kind of lubricating oil.

Yellow in colour and non-corrosive, this oil invented in 1878 was then distributed and sold across the continent. In 1882, Ragosine and Company was formed when the formula’s Russian inventor was bought out. This would later become Rocol.

While Rocol has kept ahead in terms of technological advancement, the company still strives to replicate what Ragosine did, creating innovative products that beat the competition and offer superb performance.

The organisation is devoted to quality, prioritises health and safety and has drawn up an environmental policy to reflect its commitment to reducing energy consumption and lowering the production of hazardous and landfill waste.

As industrial lubrication specialists, Rocol offers a range of oils and greases that can be used with light, medium or heavy-duty machinery, such as those in its Accu-Lube range. It also makes aerospace greases, certified food-grade lubricants, equipment maintenance products, formulas for offshore and marine use, and even anti-slip formulations to improve site safety.

Whether you need a food-grade oil, a chain grease, a military-grade anti-corrosive or a silicone spray, the Rocol range has a product to suit your industrial operations.

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Rocol Lubricant