Samoa specialises in the production of equipment for lubrication and fluid handling. Its products are used in dispensing, transferring, dosing and recovery, and include items such as grease pumps.

Set up in 1987, initially as a marketing and distribution company serving the British and Irish markets, Samoa’s first products included grease guns and grease nipples. Since the late 1980s, the company has grown into a leading global supplier of equipment used in industrial lubrication.

Products from Samoa are now used in over 75 countries, and the company maintains its UK base in Bolton. Training is also provided at this base or on site, and it covers a range of applications, from oil monitoring equipment instruction to lubrication equipment training.

To keep up with an ever-changing market, Samoa invests in the latest technology to develop new products that address real consumer requirements. This makes the company a leading force in the manufacturing and supply of lubrication handling equipment to a variety of industries.

This company from the north west of England supplies a range of oil, speciality and grease pumps, as well as air-operated, diaphragm, hand-operated, diesel and electric pumps. Samoa also makes equipment to assist with fluid transfer, oil and inventory monitoring. It supplies automotive, mining, agricultural, marine and construction lubrication equipment too, plus oil storage tanks, and a range of superior quality fluid and lubrication products.

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Samoa Lubricant