Suniso is a leading supplier of refrigeration oils. The brand has been acquired by Petronas Lubricants, a major supplier of oils for the automotive, agriculture and construction industries. Suniso refrigeration oils have high stability and make modern compressors more reliable and longer lasting.

There are two product ranges offered by Suniso: Suniso GS mineral and Suniso SL synthetic. The Suniso GS mineral range is refined from naphthenic base crude oils. GS oils are wax free and suitable for very low temperatures, The oils are cleaner, with fewer deposits that cause valve sticking failures. Suniso 3GS, 4GS and 5G are recommended by major manufacturers of commercial and domestic air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Suniso SL synthetic oils are polyol ester oils with additives that provide outstanding lubrication and protection against corrosion. SL oils are mixable with HFC refrigerants at extremely low temperatures and have chemical stability to extend their service life. Oils in the SL range are suitable for refrigeration compressors and air conditioning systems. Products in the SL range include SL22, SL32, SL47, SL68. SL100, SL170 and SL220.

Under the ownership of Petronas Lubricants, Suniso may be re-branded, but it will retain its commitment to product premium-quality products.

Here at TrAchem, we supply Suniso oils from the GS and SL ranges. If you are unsure about the most suitable oil for your applications, talk to one of our lubricant and oil experts for advice. Contact us today for a quote for any of the Suniso range of refrigerant oils.

Suniso Lubricant