Texaco is owned by the Chevron Corporation, a large USA energy company founded in 1879. Chevron Corporation brands include Texaco, Chevron, Havoline, Delo, HDAX and Techron. Texaco manufactures a comprehensive range of oils for all types of engines and generators used by many industries, including the automotive, truck, marine, agricultural, energy and construction industries, along with and many others.

Texaco makes gear and engine oils, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, coolants, paper machine oils, and turbine oils. Texaco Delo 600 ADF is based on revolutionary technology that is unmatched for its low emission engine oil technology. It contains an ultra-low ash additive that lessens the build-up of metallic components in engine after treatment systems. This lubricant helps increase fuel economy and prevents breakdowns at high operating temperatures.

The Texaco Havoline range includes high-performance engine oils, coolants, transmission oils and gear oils that protect vehicles to keep them running well. For trucks, Texaco Delo 400 XLE HD is a premium performance synthetic oil for heavy duty engines. It improves fuel economy and performance in all diesel engines in trucks and off highway construction machinery.

Techron D Concentrate is a diesel fuel injector treatment for cars, light trucks and vans that increases performance and helps prevent harmful deposits.

If you need help or information on any Texaco product, or you would like to purchase its oils or coolants, don’t hesitate to call us at TrAchem. We recommend Texaco products if you want a premium-quality lubricant that has been tried and tested in millions of engines.

Texaco Lubricant