Total Energies is the new name for Total, and its innovative, premium oil products have made it one of the seven ‘Big Oil’ companies since 1924. Its specialist products can help businesses to perform more efficiently by providing the right lubricants for machinery.

Total’s automotive range features polyurea greases to withstand high speeds and temperatures, and hydraulic detergent antiwear for systems with water presence, among others. For the food industry, Total offers a wide variety of synthetic and extreme pressure greases, food grade greases and multipurpose lubricants to keep technology running smoothly.

If a business is within the metalworking field, Total’s refrigerating ammonia-based products are the ideal solution for its machinery, and the oil company’s non-flammable white greases and adhesive high-pressure greases are ideal for heavy loads.

With everything from packer grease to non-flammable lubricants, Total’s complete range is the reason why this brand is one of the world’s supermajor companies. Whether a business is working with autoclaves, vacuums, pellet presses, industrial gears, crusher trains, textiles or any other heavy-duty machinery, Total’s lubricants will deliver high performance and durability, while striving to protect the environment to ensure businesses are sustainable and more eco-friendly.

At TrAchem, we are proud to be able to procure and supply the full range of products from the Total brand, incorporating both Fina and Elf. Get in touch with us today with your requirements. If you’re looking for a specific lubricant that isn’t listed on our website, you can contact us for a no-obligation bespoke quote to suit your company’s needs.

Total Energies Lubricant