Formed in 1971, Tygris is a trusted and established company specialising in oils and greases. Every item has been developed to provide optimal solutions for all business needs. With expert know-how of industry-standard lubricant requirements, Tygris offers superior products that are both affordable and high quality, and it is always pushing the boundaries to increase its product line with innovative new additions.

Protean is Tygris’ range of food-safe greases, and they include high-temperature greases and premium products. If a business is part of the food industry, this line of lubricants will keep its machinery running smoothly and efficiently. Anti-seize greases are the ideal choice to suit many sectors. With compounds of nickel, copper or aluminium, as well as aquaload options, these convenient lubricants come in a variety of container sizes and can withstand extreme environments.

Tygris’ multi-purpose greases with bases of lithium or calcium sulfonate, as well as corrosion guard grease, can be used in a wide range of industries. Its industrial oil range includes silicone oil, penetrating oil and anti-rust fluid, all designed to make jobs safer and easier.

At TrAchem, we are pleased to be a distributor of lubricant solutions from Tygris, including cleaning, protecting, and lubricating. No matter which industry sector your company falls under, Tygris’ products can support your business requirements. Get in touch with us today for a free quote with no obligations, and if you’re looking for a specific product, don’t hesitate to discuss your needs with us – our team will be happy to help.

Tygris Lubricant