Founded in 1914 by former salesman and cloth dealer Alexander Wacker and his partner Sigmund Schuckert, the company Wacker, previously known as Elektrizitäts, quickly became known in Bavaria for manufacturing the chemicals acetylaldehyde and acetic acid. The business model has changed over its many decades of innovation, developing Wacker into the globally strong brand it is today.

Wacker’s corporate strategies places sustainability as one of the brand’s five top goals, as it strives to promote cleaner and greener business practices. Wacker’s lubricants have been designed with the environment in mind, so its product line is perfect for reducing energy consumption and preventing greenhouse gases. If a company is looking to attain a better ecological balance, Wacker’s manufacturing process focuses on utilising hydroelectric power and solar power to reduce its carbon footprint, so companies can be sure that choosing a Wacker lubricant is a responsible choice for their business models.

With a range of over 3,200 products, Wacker’s offerings can be found in a large variety of everyday items. Its top-quality silicone fluids are available as defoamers, emulsions, pastes and waxes to suit the demands of technologies. From long-life complex greases to hydraulic oils, Wacker’s comprehensive scope of lubricants ensures machinery runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Wacker Lubricant