Multi-brand lubricant procurement

As a leading procurement specialist, at TrAchem, we’re able to supply more brands than any other company operating in the lubrication industry, both nationally and worldwide.

From ABB to Zerol, click on a logo to explore the brands we work with, and contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.

multi-brand lubricant procurement
ABB Lubricant

Leading international technology company ABB is focussed on energising the transformation of both industry and society in order to obtain

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Anderol Lubricant

Anderol is an internationally renowned marketeer and producer of speciality synthetic lubrication solutions. Since 1941, Anderol Specialty Lubricants has remained

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Apiezon Lubricant

For more than eight decades, M&I Materials Limited has been manufacturing its dedicated range of Apiezon products. The range includes

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BP Lubricant

BP is a London-headquartered British multinational oil and gas company, and it is one of the world’s gas and oil

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Castrol Lubricant

Now linked to BP since its merger, the Castrol brand provides high-performing fluids, oils and lubricants around the world for

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Chemetall Lubricant

Chemetall is part of the Coatings division of BASF, and supplies world leading applied surface products. Its formulas are designed

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Dosatron Lubricant

Dosatron specialises in water-powered proportional dosing, and it is a world leader in this field. Following the birth of the

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DOW Lubricant

DOW is an ambitious company that has a wish is to become the most customer-focused, innovative, sustainable and inclusive company

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Edwards Lubricant

Edwards’ key field of expertise is in producing effective, reliable vacuum pump oils. They are a world leader in vacuum

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Electrolube Lubricant

Electrolube specialises in formulated chemical products that protect and clean electronic components. The company was founded in 1941 and operates

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Emkarate RL Lubricant
Emkarate RL

Emkarate RL is a range of polyol ester (POE) lubricants used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Emkarate RL lubricants

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FAG Lubricant

The FAG brand was founded in 1883 by Friedrich Fischer, the inventor of the ball grinder. FAG stands for Fischers

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Fuchs Lubricant

Fuchs is a global company that has been developing innovative lubricant solutions since 1931, and today, it is a leading

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Gulf Lubricant

Gulf is one of the most recognisable oil brands in the world. The company started as a single petrol station

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Icematic Lubricant

Icematic is a global brand of lubricants designed to provide low global warming potential (GWP) solutions to support sustainability in

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IKV Tribologie Lubricant
IKV Tribology

The IKV Tribology brand specialises in high-performance lubrication that is designed to withstand extreme temperatures – both high, up to

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Lapmaster Lubricant

Specialising in both water and oil-based lubricants, Lapmaster’s liquid cutting fluids are suitable for a range of applications. With extensive

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Leybold Lubricant

Since its formation in 1850, Leybold has been a prominent company in the industrial sector, and it is renowned for

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Lubetech Lubricant

Lubetech specialises in delivering unique and comprehensive solutions to different situations. Informed by its customers, it listens, understands and responds

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Millers Oils Lubricant
Millers Oils

A leading independent enterprise based here in the United Kingdom, Millers Oils has been serving its customers and blending high-quality

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Mobil Lubricant

Mobil’s family of lubrication solutions includes world-renowned brands like Esso and ExxonMobil, and it boasts decades of exceptional performance in

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Molykote Lubricant

First designed in 1948 by US scientist Alfred Sonntag, lubricants from Molykote have a rich history of innovation and customer-focused

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Motorex Lubricant

A Swiss oil manufacturing and blending company based in Langenthal, Switzerland, Motorex is now the country’s largest lubricant maker, shipping

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Nalco Lubricant

Nalco is one of Ecolab’s companies. A global leader for hygiene, water and infection prevention services and solutions, Ecolab works

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Nye Lubricant

With origins that date back to 1840s, Nye’s lubricants always stay in line with the times. While they originally served

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Nynas Lubricant

A world-class company, Nynas has a different approach to its peers when it comes to manufacturing oil. Working alongside its

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OilSafe Lubricant

Oilsafe is an equipment supplier for the safe storage and simple dispensing of lubricant products. The Oilsafe system allows companies

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Panolin Lubricant

Based in Switzerland, the family-owned Panolin group is an independent company that dates back to 1949, when it was first

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Petro-Canada Lubricant

Petro-Canada is a forward-thinking Canadian company that produces a range of lubricant formulas for use across a variety of industries.

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Petrofer Lubricant

Petrofer is a leading supplier of chemicals and oils, and this global company operates a sales team and laboratory here

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Petronas Lubricant

Petronas, short for Petroliam Nasional Berhad – or National Petroleum Limited in English – is known globally due to its

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Q8 Oils
Q8 Oils

Q8 is the registered trademark of Kuwait Petroleum International, a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation. Q8 refines, develops and

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Rocol Lubricant

Rocol manufactures and markets a range of industrial lubricants for use across the world. It is part of Illinois Tool

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Samoa Lubricant

Samoa specialises in the production of equipment for lubrication and fluid handling. Its products are used in dispensing, transferring, dosing

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Shell Lubricant

Shell is one of the largest global brands in any field, as well as the lubrication industry. Now incorporated as

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SKF Lubricant

SKF has been developing and designing bearings, seals and lubrication systems since 1907. It was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden and

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Solest Lubricant

Solest is a range of polyol ester (POE) lubricants that form part of CPI Fluid Engineering. They are specially formulated

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Suniso Lubricant

Suniso is a leading supplier of refrigeration oils. The brand has been acquired by Petronas Lubricants, a major supplier of

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Texaco Lubricant

Texaco is owned by the Chevron Corporation, a large USA energy company founded in 1879. Chevron Corporation brands include Texaco,

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Total Energies Lubricant

Total Energies is the new name for Total, and its innovative, premium oil products have made it one of the

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Tygris Lubricant

Formed in 1971, Tygris is a trusted and established company specialising in oils and greases. Every item has been developed

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Valvoline Lubricant

World-leading lubricant supplier Valvoline specialises in developing premium products for distribution in over 140 countries around the globe. With more

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Wacker Lubricant

Founded in 1914 by former salesman and cloth dealer Alexander Wacker and his partner Sigmund Schuckert, the company Wacker, previously

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Shrieve Lubricant

The Zerol brand is the brainchild of the Texan-based chemical company Shrieve. As a worldwide supplier of specialist lubricants, Zerol

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