What are the functions of a metalworking lubricant?

Metalworking Lubricant

Metalworking fluid, also known as MWF for short, is the name for a range of liquids, oils and greases that are designed to lubricate and/or cool metal workpieces during machining, grinding, milling and other processes. Metalworking fluids can effectively reduce the friction and heat between a cutting tool and workpiece, helping to prevent smoking and […]

The importance of industrial lubrication

Industrial Lubricant

Modern industry is driven by mechanical solutions that allow companies to remain ahead of their competition. To appreciate the benefits of machinery and equipment, industrial enterprises must ensure it is always operating at optimum performance. Lubricating machinery is an essential part of

Which lubricant is mostly used for engine and machine parts?

Industrial Lubricant

For engines and mechanical equipment to function efficiently, remain in optimum condition and stay protected from harmful contaminants, effective lubrication is essential. By far, the most commonly used lubricant used in these applications is mineral oil. Obtained after petroleum oil is

How does a lubricant reduce friction between moving parts of a machine?

Metalworking Lubricant

From Fuchs Cassida to Castrol Optigear, high-quality lubricants are designed by leading manufacturers to perform a variety of tasks when serving machinery. Lubricants may seal parts from harmful particles and corrosion or act as a coolant, but perhaps the primary role of any oil or grease is to reduce the friction caused when moving machine […]

New centre to look at catalysts for recycling lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

Over 20 international and industrial partners and seven universities have come together to establish the National Interdisciplinary Centre for the Circular Chemical Economy (NIC3E) at a cost of £4.3 million to investigate ways to minimise industry’s need for