ENEOS and TotalEnergies join to study SAF production

Japanese petroleum company ENEOS Corporation and energy giant TotalEnergies have announced a new joint study to evaluate the feasibility of producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at ENEOS’s refinery in Yokohama city, Japan.

The aviation industry is hard to decarbonise because the technology is currently lacking for aircraft to use low-carbon alternatives like green electricity or hydrogen. SAF therefore presents an intermediate step for reducing the carbon emissions from existing fleets, but it will need to be produced economically at scale before it will become an attractive option for airlines.

In a joint statement, the two firms said that they had:

“…been working to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions on a global scale together with their customers, paving the way for a decarbonized, recycling-oriented society. In the airline industry, dealing with global decarbonization has become an urgent issue and SAF is expected to be an effective way to reduce CO2 emission.”

The companies have already initiated a study of how they could procure the feedstock for making SAF, with this most likely being used animal fats and cooking oils from the circular economy. Ultimately, an associated facility will be capable of producing 300,000 tons of SAF per year from these waste products.

In addition to being a broad-based energy company, TotalEnergies also makes various lubricants and fluids. At TrAchem, we are proud to offer products like the Total Equivis hydraulic oils alongside those from other brands to ensure our customers can always get an ideal product at the right price.

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